The most important outcome of ERM is a meaningful risk discussion and responsive action at the leadership level. MyCM provides a central source for ERM information in an easily digestible format, to foster and focus those discussions.
— Gilead Pharmaceuticals

Is it a good fit?

If you plan to implement ERM, or want to enhance your current ERM program within a centralized application, then this system is designed for you.

Our flexible features can accommodate companies of any size, whether your ERM program is just getting off the ground or already well established. We utilize the most current metrics for assessing your risks, and many of our features are configurable to fit your culture, or can be customized to satisfy your specific business needs.



  • Easily import your risk universe to get started quickly

  • Launch surveys for risk-owners to update their risks

  • Track risks by risk owners, processes, IT systems and locations, to promote awareness and accountability

  • Assess inherent vs. residual risk

  • Monitor risks in relation to Key Corporate Initiatives

  • Bubble charts, heat maps and summaries to view Processes, Risks and Trend Analysis

  • Evaluate risks by likelihood, impact, velocity, persistence and other metrics

  • Configurable risk rating methodology

  • Track risk-shifting, risk-avoidance and risk mitigation measures

And all our solutions include...

What's my ROI?

Our secure cloud model allows us to deliver all of this in a cost-effective manner. And with 100% visibility to all risks, preventing one risk from being overlooked, underestimated, or contained could cover the entire cost of the license.

Business is risky. Using our ERM tool isn't.

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