Is it a good fit?

If you have a certification, agreement, questionnaire, or other interactive form,

that needs to be distributed (online or via mail), tracked, and verified,

with responses recorded for easy retrieval and reporting,

then this system was designed for you.


Our configurable workflow and customizable templates make myCM Certifications a tool that can be used by virtually every department in your organization. Below are some use applications by our clients.


  • Sales Representation Letters
  • New Business or Contract Updates to Finance


  • Board of Directors Questionnaire
  • Sustainability & Good Citizenship Policy


  • Code of Conduct Distribution and Updates
  • Legal and Contract Notifications
  • Class Certification (for Class Litigation)


  • Capabilities Study
  • IT Security Policies
  • IT Electronic Systems Policy
  • Segregation of Duties Survey


  • Supplier Code of Conduct
  • Supplier Training Materials


  • Safety Policy
  • Safety Inspections


  • Month-End or Quarter Close Representation Letters
  • Travel and Credit Card Policy


  • Arbitration Agreement adoption by employees
  • HR Handbook Distribution and Policy Updates
  • Policy Training Guides
  • OFCCP Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability


  • Automate Distribution via e-mail notification or your website; or use our mail services to print, post and process

  • Easy Access from any device via the Internet

  • Create Web Forms using our integrated template builder

  • Send, Review and Approval workflows

  • Reminders & Escalations encourage 100% response rate

  • Complies with Electronic Signature legal requirements

  • Manage Large Groups of users at multiple sites

  • Record and Store Sign-Offs and response data in one location

  • Monitor Status with real-time dashboards

  • Instantly Report on any data set you need

  • Legal Affidavits and testimony about system integrity available

And all our solutions include...

What's my ROI?

Our myCM Certifications solution, which offers a combined online and postal delivery, solves the distribution problem for organizations that need both a web-based and mail-based deployment.

In addition, our online solution greatly reduces the amount of time needed to perform each certification project, while improving centralized record-keeping and visibility to actionable information.  Documented client results include: 50% reduction in overall project time; 80% less time on data aggregation, analysis and reporting; and zero user training time. And our secure cloud model allows us to deliver all of this in a cost-effective manner.

Let us send your certs for you.

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