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If you're looking for a simple, cost-effective solution to centralize information about your licensed and owned systems or software applications, then this system was designed for you.

And if you're licensing our Sarbanes-Oxley or Audit Management product, then this module is included!


  • Centralized Source for IT Systems information

  • Import Bulk Updates to your IT Systems information

  • Map to System Locations, Owners and  Stakeholders

  • Manage Licenses and store license agreements

  • Record Application information

  • Track Database and Server information

  • Maintain Disaster Recovery information

  • Store SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 and other assessments

  • Track Updates, Upgrades and Patching information

  • Store System-Related Privacy analyses

  • Record Risks and Bugs data

  • Map Systems to Risks & Internal Controls in our SOx & Audit apps

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What's my ROI?

Our secure cloud model allows us to deliver all of this in a cost-effective manner. And with 100% visibility to your IT systems and software applications, keeping just one high risk event from occurring would cover the license cost for years.

Systematize your inventory of systems and software.

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